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Three short stories... A New Tomorrow - a young man on the lam from the law finds a, shall we say, interesting way of avoiding prosecution. Will the police recognize the beautiful woman he has become? California Dreaming - Dan is working as a security guard at a large department store when he gets a call to apprehend a young woman observed stealing expensive perfume. When he takes her into the security office to "book" her, he discovers that she is really not a she and the story takes off from there. The Becoming - a young man finds a statue that has the magical ability to transform him into a young woman. Can he find the gypsy woman who sold it to him so he can change back? Does he even want to?

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    From A New Tomorrow - "What are you doing to me?" I asked, my voice close to panic.

    "I suppose you could call it reeducation. You seemed confused. I thought that some intensive treatment might benefit you; clear away some doubts. We do this by flooding you with pure estrogen. I have also arranged, just for you, a little injection containing female hormones and donor female DNA taken from this young lady." She held up a 8x10 photo. "Her name is Juliet Parker, she is nineteen years old and as you can see, stunningly beautiful. Jimmy, you will inherit her genetic fingerprint. Not only will you grow to look very much like her, you will also pickup many of her personality characteristics; her emotions, maybe even some characteristics."