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Three Stories... China Doll - The story of a dangerous rescue of a Chinese boy who was forcibly transformed into a woman and then put into a brothel. The Other Women - A man rescues a young woman from an assault and a relationship develops. But why do his friends begin to shun him. Do they see something in his girlfriend that he doesn't? Going Out - a vignette in the life of a crossdressing hooker.

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    Transforming myself into an attractive and convincing woman female was fast becoming second nature to me. I was conversant with so many things that were "taboo' to the average male.

    Within a matter of minutes my male self had vanished completely, it was as if Andrew had never existed, I had become Emma again. ...I wondered how long it would take for Andrew to find the strength to resurface this time?

    I knew that there was a good chance that one of these days he would just fade away forever.