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Behavioral Analysis Unit Section 5 is the FBI's spearpoint for dealing with crimes in Virtual Reality, and Neil Reese in one of their top agents. His newest assignment might be his last; track down a criminal who is using VR to kill people, something everyone thought impossible.

But when he himself is trapped in his female avatar and subjected to sequential rapes, he faces what those other victims did, and his last words might be the same...

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    When I arrived, Donnecker called me into his office. We had another one, this was an Admiral in command of the Carrier Battle Group surrounding the USS Ronald Reagan. He had been moody the last few days; then at down he had walked out onto the flight deck and took a running leap over the bow.

    VR made meetings and, unfortunately micromanaging, far too easy. But damn it, military comm channels are the best protected on the planet! Even more secure than the state Department! If he had been gotten to during the last week to ten days (the ship had left port about that long before his jump), no one on the planet was safe.