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A collection of short but sexy sexy stories that will lead you on many adventures, spanning the gamut of transgender fiction from crossdressing to forced transformation and sex change. Five stories, some very short, some longer, take you many palces you've never been before. This is a book for lovers of compact fiction

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    From Past Midnight...

    I guess that like most transvestites, my love affair with women's clothing and all things feminine began when I was a young boy... what causes transvestism? Who really knows for sure?... Most expert theories are pure crap.

    In my case, growing up the only male in a house with two other women coulnd't have helped matters... what with all their pretty clothes, oh so long hair, and make-up. I was way too weak to resist the urge.


    Leaving me alone in my room, they went to discuss my "situation", and when the returned some twenty minutes or so later I suddenly realized that I was still wearing the heels. This didn't go unoticed by my sisters.

    Brenda laughed, "Hey don't look so worried Jay, it's not a problem, honest! Look, before we decide what to do about this, if any thing, we want to try a little test with you. There is almost sex weeks of your summer vacation remaining. Why not spend some of that time dressing and living as a girl? Tell you what, give it three or four days and if you can honestly say that you're not enjoying it, we'll forget the whole all about it? How's that?"