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As if love weren't already difficult enough to find, E. B. Stevenson brings us another collection of stories that depict the trials and wonders of finding that special someone who understands a man's need to be a woman. Two Stories... A Husband for Sharon and Eric and Samantha & Tom and Valerie.

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    I had never met a woman like her im my life. Five foot nine, with long, dark brown hair, slender build, and a warm personality, I couldn't find all of that in a genetic female. She was everything I wanted in a woman. It didn't really matter to me if she was born a girl or transformed into the beauty, femininity and warm personality that won me over. She had been working as an interior designer and decorator since she started living as a woman in 1991. She looked a lot younger that her forty-one years; I also looked a bit youthful for someone of thirty four.

    ...She was a vision in white; beautiful sleeveless bridal gown, with sequins all over the bodice, a skirt adorned with lace designs and sequins, lace trim along the hem of the skirt, and a cathedral-length train. A breathtaking headpiece with a fingertip-length veil and blusher topped her romantic ensemble.