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Two stories... Anything for Love - Danny is hot for Shannon, hot enough to let her dress him jp as a girl. To Danny, it's just play, but to Shannon, it's serious stuff. In time, Danny crosses a threshold and becomes a woman for real. The Harvest - All Dave wants is to get to the bottom of the legend about boys being transformed into young women. His research soon convinces him that there's more to the story than just legend.

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    From Anything for Love...

    My first day at Greengate school turned out to be every bit the nightmare I feared it would be. Mom told me I looked really cute in my new school uniform, which consisted of a crisp white blouse, a short navy blue pleated skirt and matching navy blue blazer that bore the Greengate school crest on the breast pocket.

    My underthings were simply, a plain white matching bra and panties. Upon my feet I wore white, frilly topped ankle socks and a pair of black leather loafers that had a chunky 1 1/2" heel. Unseen were my pink glossed toenails that Mom had insisted on painting.

    I was as nervous as hell leaving my house, I didn't even have the support of Shannon. I waited on the end of the street until the school bus came along a little after thirty past eight. I groaned inwardly when I saw that the bus was cram packed with "fellow" Greengate pupils. Only I knew that I was the only boy amongst at least fifty, mostly very pretty, teenage girls who were all chattering very loudly