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Another installment of disguise, transformation and seduction from the environment we were first introduced to within the pages of In Service to Her Majesty and Rosalita's Pleasure.

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    ...My feminization only got worse after a week, however, When Marasara joined me in my captivity, with orders to make me wear makeup and wigs as a woman, to sit, to walk, to dance and to gesture as a woman should. I couldn't resist her as I was so sick and frothing most of the time she was with me.

    I was being overdosed with feminizing drugs, I knew. I'd never thrown up before when I was Anisoyya's girlfriend. Marasara said she'd never seen anyone throw up like me either. And, she'd never seen anyone grow into womanhood as I did, as quickly as I did. Which is why she'd come to me, the second week I was trapped by Rasuvajji, according to her, Marasara.

    She'd teach me to be a woman, like her, Marasara told me, with a wicked smile that made her look so much like a witch, I told her.