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Rob is in love with a woman who works at his favorite bar, knowing he isn't in her league. Then she tells him that there is a job opening there, if, he is willing to dress as a woman. It's the start of a whole new life and and loves for him.

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    Looking back, I think of that Saturday as the day I became a fully fledged transvestite. Of course other things took place which changed everything as well and kind of cemented my newfound love for women's clothes, but that Saturday with me and Annalise going out together for the first time as Roberta and Annalise, well, that was the catalyst for what followed.

    When I finished getting ready, Annalise applied my makeup. She had more time so we drank wine and giggled like two school girls. When she had finished, the effect was awesome. Then she placed the lovely, long blonde wig on my head. I just gushed - I looked incredible. I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. My heart pounded. Energy pumped through my body. Was it really Rob from Leeds? Really? Was it me? I certainly know that as guy I would have fancied myself. I was stunning/ pure and simple I was stunning.