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Two stories... My Kids - taking a break from the high pressure business world, a man discovers that although he is now working at children's center, being a man isn't successful as he would desire. The TV of My Father's Making - a father catches his son trying on his mother's clothes and to punish him he forces him to only wear these clothes until he learns his lesson.

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    When I heard the doorbell, I shot like a flash into the kitchen closet. A few minutes later, I was summoned (that is I was dragged out by Father, who them pulled me into the living room where sat the doctor. Now both Father and the doctor taunted me and laughed at my condition. The net result was that the doctor said it was just a passing phase and that I would grow out of it, but that some shaming would help hasten the growing. To this point, he drew up a prescription and left.

    So I went back to the kitchen. At dinner, which I helped to serve, and later, I was compelled to wear the panties and bra. At bedtime, I found that my own pajamas were nowhere to be found, and that I was to wear one of my older sister's more filmy, lacy feminine nightgowns to bed. Putting it on gave me eerie feelings, but with the stress of the day and all the events and humiliations, I was just glad that it was all over. So, with a confused mind, I feel asleep.