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A Reluctant Press Book Cover

Two stories... One Wild Ride - a young man hitching across the country is kidnapped and forcibly changed into becoming a female slave. Winning is Not Everything - a young man gets a job coaching a women's basketball team, but finds it important that he becomes one of them to pull the team together.

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    From Winning is Not Everything - She complemented his hair profusely. "I think your hair looks just darling. It certainly makes you more attractive."

    Tom turned beet red. "I don't really want my hair to look darling. I want it to be normal. How long does a permanent last anyway?"

    "Usually the curl is mostly gone in after four months."

    "Four months! I think that your idea of getting into the girl's point of view has gotten out of hand."

    "Don't be silly! You feel closer to the girls, don't you? They have been responding and playing well, haven't they?"

    "Yes, but..."

    "No buts about it. You wanted to know how to relate to girls and you are! No one is going to make a big deal about your hair and legs. Besides I think you look cute."