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A Reluctant Press Book Cover

Five very sexy stories in an E. B. Stevenson Collection... Transition to a Schoolgirl, This Man and This Woman, Eric and Julia's Family, A Transition in Love, and Meeting the Man of Her Dreams.

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    While sitting in my car, I asked her, "Crystal, have you ever been in a relationship with a man before?"

    "To tell you the truth Eric, I haven't had time for a relationship with anyone. In my work as a writer and producer of adult films, I've got a full schedule five days a week. I have to work fourteen hour days, and it gets on my nerves after a while especially since I'm thirty-one," she replied. Pausing for a moment, she said, rather coyly, "I also have something else to tell you."

    "What is it?"

    "Eric, I'm a preoperative transsexual..."

    "The fact that you are a transsexual doesn't change the fact that you're the most beautiful woman I've ever met in my entire life."