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Mags Inc Novelette Story Cover

Harold was a genius and a very successful businessman. When he meets the strong willed Holly, the woman who will eventually become his wife, he has not idea how much she will change his life. By the end of this story he is a married woman, with his husband running what was once his business.

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    "Shall I take you over my knee again?" she threatened.

    "No! No! Anything but that!" I hastened to assure her.

    "Good. Then you will wear the panties with no more argument?" she purred.

    And the next thing I knew, the matching bra was being fastened behind my back and she was reaching into the cups to lift my flesh up to better fill and AA cups!

    She stepped back, her eyes going up and down across my blushing body. "Oh I am just going to love my new girlfriend and bed-partner!" she enthused.

    I was stunned.

    "You're going to love being my girlfriend!" she told me excitedly. "Oh there is so much I can teach you about loving a girl like a girl can love a girl!"

    I blushed helplessly.