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Ben lives with his mother. When his buddies started calling him a sissy, he began to act out. His new stepdad decides to correct his bad behavior with a little petticoat punishment.

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    Ben couldn't get over the feeling these very odd and strange clothes had on his now hairless body.. The corset held him so tight that he couldn't take big steps and so he started taking these little mincing steps that caused his ass to sway. The dress was driving him nuts as it rubbed against his bare legs with every step and it tickled as it softly brushed the bare sensitive skin. Plus it took most of the morning to get used to having these rather large mounds on his chest. He had to learn quickly to move his arms and work around them as they seemed to always be in the way, not matter what task he was attempting to complete.

    Watching him, Jack just couldn't get over how some clothes and a little make-up could change Ben so completely into such a feminine looking creature as this. Not only that, he made such a beautiful young lady and looked so natural in the process. One look at Beth and you never would have suspected that he wasn't all girl.