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Three stories: Kilts for a Start - A mom wants a daughter instead of her son. Passing It On - Is crossdressing contagious? Unmanned - Carlotta, unsatisfied with her husband's performance takes on another as a lover and feminizes her mate.

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    From Passing It On: Elizabeth told Michael how pleased she was to meet him and thanked him for being so good to Charles.

    She chatted with them and explained to Michael that Charles had the wrong plumbing but otherwise was a very satisfactory niece. It was all right for Charles to be a tomboy at school but she - Charles that is - would outgrow it and become a real girl eventually. When Michael left, Elizabeth kissed him on the cheek and Charles impulsively did the same. Michael reciprocated, but in a more restrained manner. He went to Charles for help twice a week and thereafter wore a wore a dress and tried to behave as a girl so that Charles would be relaxed in her girlish behavior. Margie bought Michael another dress so that he would not need to wear the same one every time. It was a school dress, not a party dress, but Charles aunt did not expect other women to conform to her dress code.