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Tabitha Queen, a tough ex-marine and ranch manager for her father's 25,000 acre ranch, finds a wrecked Humvee with an injured female lieutenant driver out on the range. She brings her back to the ranch house so her mom can tend to the girl's injuries and finds herself falling in love with the young beauty. Having these feelings is a revelation for Tabitha but once she discovers the secret of the young army officer, it's even more of a revelation.

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    "Now," Dana continued, "what's your real reason for coming in?"

    "I... I... just wanted to see you and ask if you'd be agreeable to going out to dinner?"

    "Dinner?" That smile. "With you?"

    Tabitha nodded, her face aflame.

    "Like a date?" Dana persisted.


    "Tabitha, there's something about me that you ought to know first..."

    "I know what I want to know and that's good enough for me. Now, I have a big old twin-engine Comanche parked out behind the far corrals in it's own hangar and we could be in Cheyenne or Denver in an hour, your choice."

    "You fly?" the eyes were wide with surprise.

    "Sure. I had my multiple engine ticket before joining the Marines. They taught me to fly helicopters in the 'Sand Box' where I got my ticket punched. So, what do you say? That gives you plenty of time to straighten out your uncle, change and get back here. I'll take it from there. OK?" she was almost pleading.

    "But Tabby..." Dana began.

    "Not another word, is it a date of not?" she demanded belligerently.

    Dana nodded. "Yes it's a date, but..."

    "But nothing, you show up here at 5:00 p.m....