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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Two stores of female dominated transformation. Dancing Partners - Just a simple experiment where a feminine type man is talked into dressing as a woman for a dance to see if he likes dancing with men? And it leads to...? In Girl's Group Study a mom decides to control her son with a change in wardrobe.

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    From Girl's Study Group - "Put on the outfit on the chair, Johnny." He looked around the room and saw a chair with pink underwear on it.

    On closer examination, it was a pair of girls cotton panties, a full slip, a green and white checkered dress, a pair of girl's white socks, and a pair of black maryjanes on the floor. He stuck his head out the door and said, "No Mom, I don't want to be a sissy boy. Please let me have my clothes."

    His distress really bothered Marion, but she knew that he had to change. She said, "It's all right to come out naked, Jane, but you can't be a nasty little boy any more. If you're a good girl this summer, I'll buy you a new dress so that you don't have to wear hand-me-downs all the time, and you can wear shirts and pants to school in the fall."

    After a while, he came out wearing the outfit. Marion had picked a dress that was too short and the bottom of his panties showed in the back. Marion and Eileen both noticed but said nothing. They even kept straight faces. They hugged and kissed him. He asked, "Why did you call me Jane?"

    She replied, "I thought you'd rather be called by a girl's name when you're wearing a dress, and Hame's a feminine version of John."