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Two stories... in Larry's Girlhood. a teenage boy agrees to help his college student neighbor with her thesis as they delve into his desire to live as a young woman. In Vacation of a Lifetime, a wife decides to bring her hard driving husband over to the 'softer side of life'.

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    "What am I supposed to do?" I asked nervously when we reached the center.

    "Nothing much, just watch girls about you age and hopefully you will learn something."

    Despite my uneasiness at wearing the padded girdle, bra and short wig, few people gave me a second glance at the shipping center. I've often wondered what those that did thought.

    We watched and walked around, hitting every store at least once; some, like the stores that specialized in women's clothing, several times.

    All the while, Lucy would talk to me in a low voice, pointing out the subtle signals that girls (and boys) give off when they're just being themselves.

    I gradually began to see what Lucy wanted me to. Even though both sexes are made from the same basic pattern (two legs, two arms, a torso and a head) everything about how they move is different. Even how they stand is different.