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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Sam, a young man convinced he should have been born a woman, wakes up one morning surprised to find he has been transported back to a hospital in London during WWII, now a casualty of the latest bombing. They have discovered him in a nightgown and all immediately assume he is a woman, all except the doctor who examines him. He is soon plunged into an intrigue of German spies trying to discover the plans for the invasion of Europe.

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    When everyone had left the ward, Dr. Sinclair moved the screens in place between the beds, and drew the drapes over the windows. Sitting on the end of the bed, he said. "As I indicated last night, you caused quite a stir in surgery when you were brought in."

    "I can just imagine."

    "Your physical form is something of a departure from what one usually observes, if I may say so." He paused. I diagnosed your unusual physical attributes as a defect at birth. I myself have spent quite some time studying the androgynous members of our community, as well as those individuals throughout history." He paused, giving Sam a chance to speak.

    "I guess I should say thank you." They looked at each other.

    She continued, "I was at birth, male. But as early as I could remember, I have always felt that deep inside, I was supposed to be female. This much I do remember."

    "I surmised as much. I've encountered a few individuals that expressed the same sentiments that you have. There is, as you can well understand, a certain reluctance to talk about such things." Dr. Sinclair rose from the bed, fatigue evident in the set of his shoulders. "It goes without saying that some of my colleagues do not share these views. Nor for that matter, does a large segment of the general population." He thought for a moment, "Take Miss Warren for example. Disgraceful behavior last night. Dreadful. Went on and on about how immoral and wicked you were. It was fortunate that she and I were the only people in the room when you were examined. I managed to get you cleaned up and covered before you were brought to the women's ward." He paused again, "I hope you are not disturbed by my telling you this. It is important that you know, for your own safety."