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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Doug and his father were at loose ends having recently lost their wife and mother. Then kevin came along and Doug's father's mood lifted. It took a while but eventually Doug discovered that Kevin spent much of his time as Karen. Soon Doug was tempted to explore the the delights of feminine presentation as well.

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    I found that right after the meal, I became the center of attraction for many of the males in the crowd. Every second, one or another of them would try to engage me in a conversation with them, alone.

    I finally knew what it might have felt like for those pretty, southern ladies in the movies, who were singled out by the men in a room, each for her attentions.

    The guys sure made me feel very, very pretty, and very, very much wanted, as a girl.

    When the music started, like most of the ladies in attendance - there were quite a few more men than women - I was kept almost constantly on my feet, in one dance after another.

    Yes, I adored finding out all about how differently so many men felt when they held me as we danced.

    I danced so much that my legs and toes actually got very sore, but I was totally loving the experience that I just could not stop, no matter how much it hurt.

    They all had their one liners, designed to get me to like them. Phil was no different than any of the others. He too danced with me, joked with me, paid a great deal of attention to me, as he tried to get me to like him.

    I did not know it, but he recognized his sister's dress, and when he saw me with Karen, he put two and two together. I thought that he thought I was really a girl.