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Six short stories about a Birthday Fairy who grants a change of gender to boys and men. See how such a simple wish can be pretty interesting if not complicated. Kim's Birthday Wish, Sweet Sixteen, Hormones, Change for the Better, Invisible Man, and Growing Up.

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    From Hormones... "Make a wish honey and blow out your candle." Mom said.

    "You too, Mom," I said. (ed: they share the same birthday)

    I formed a wish in my mind, "I wish I was grown up, like Mom, so I could get a real job working with computers." Then I blew out the candle.

    She formed a wish in her mind. "I wish I was young again, like my son, so I could have fun and not have to work so hard." She blew out her candle.

    The napkin slipped from the table as we both blew out our candles. We both bent forward suddenly to catch it. Our heads collided with enough force to make both of us see stars.

    As my vision cleared, I was sure I was seeing things. There holding his head, was me. I shook my head to try to clear it. I felt something brush on my shoulders and felt and heard something at my ears.

    "What's going on?" I asked. I knew I had asked, but it wasn't my voice I heard. It sounded different somehow; not wrong, just - different.

    As I watched I - or the vision of me, spoke. "You have my body!"