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Reluctant Press Book Cover
Two Stories... in The Sacrifices of Marriage, Dick doesn't realize his new wife, Jane is a lesbian and the sacrifices he must make for her sake and the sake of their marriage. In Taped Seduction, Sam's girlfriend, Shirley, introduces him to a series of erotic audio tapes which changes both of their lives drastically.
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    From Taped Seduction... Much of my days were spent daydreaming, watching the girls in the office, wondering if they ever experienced the wild sensations my 'tape ladies' enjoyed, ending with a question of whether their underwear was as frilly as mine.

    When I caught myself watching Steve pass by, thinking about how my heroine's world would hunger for his obvious manhood, concern suddenly hit my brow.

    This was going too far. My work was already suffering from my daydreaming. My boss had already spoken to me twice about it, saying if I didn't start concentrating on my job I'd better start looking elsewhere.

    And now, the men in the office were entering my daydreams.