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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Another family in trouble story... The O'Reilly women have a successful wet-nurse business and receive a request from a very wealthy man who needs breast milk to survive and only wants it direct from the breast. Kathleen O'Reilly's son has just been found out to have arranged the rape of his sister and Kathleen thinks that bringing him into the family business will help them and help him understand the nature of his transgression.

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    "Trisha dear, you knew this would happen. We told you that you were now a girl and that your body would develop accordingly. Don't tell me you didn't believe me, dear."

    "Oh mother, I hoped. I hoped that you were all just punishing me. That someday if I was good you would fix it so I could be a man again.. Now I have breasts, and you really did castrate me, and you all hate me. Oh I wish I were dead."

    Kathleen was touched by her child's pain but felt it was time to be firm. She pulled Trisha up and slapped her across the face.

    "You are very lucky to be alive and will not, in my house, even consider the sin of suicide. So you are becoming a girl, over half the world's people are female. I'm sure that you can learn to accept it and in time enjoy it. Your manhood is gone and it's a good thing..

    "As a woman you should be glad to be developing breasts. They show promise of developing into the kind of beautiful assets that your sisters are all lucky enough to have.

    "As for being hated, we don't hate you Trisha. Even Molly admits she is starting to feel good being around you. It's Patrick that we hate and who will never be allowed in this house, or our hearts, again."