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Three stories of transformation... Nurse! - about a young male nursing student who is also a crossdresser. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall - about a magic mirror that can cause some extreme makeovers. Subscription, Lady - a young door-to-door salesman encounters a strange woman and becomes her plaything.

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    From Mirror, Mirror... I was still in a daze. She attended to my hair. It must have become tousled when I ran into my room.

    My hair? This long fair mane that was tumbling to my bare shoulders was now MY hair. I sat while she brushed it. She drew it back, securing it with a barrette. I could only ask, "What's happening?" in a dazed, stupid way, but she just hushed me with a smile and a finger gently applied to my lips.

    "All will be revealed in due course. Just relax and enjoy yourself."

    Enjoy myself? I looked at my reflection in the mirror, at the luscious, beautiful woman I had been transformed into, a woman from the early nineteenth century. I was supposed to enjoy myself?