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Reluctant Press Book Cover
Two gender transformation stories... In Lady's Secret - A crossdresser witnesses a crime and must change his identity to be safe. In The Virago and the Muliebra - Two long time friends end up changing places.
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    From Lady's Secret...

    "I could look the other way, since you were just one of his many pushers. Since we caught the dealer in something more ironclad, his 'distributors wouldn't have any more outlet, unless... they found another dealer."

    Peter caught Benjy staring deeply at him, as he said the last sentence. Peter knew that he was finally looking at Peter the man, not the woman, then.

    Holding up his right hand, Peter quickly swore, "You don't have to worry about me! I was through before I got there! I told you that, and I meant it!"

    Peter's furtive protestation made Bengy laugh.

    "Y'know... It's a damn shame your not for real, Pete! God, I could go for you! When I saw this good-looking woman peeking through the window, I admit it, I got the hots! I thought, 'Whether she's guilty or not, save first, ask questions later!' "

    "If you had come as a man, I just might've you there to get caught by the authorities, and made a deal with you later, after sorting out your innocence."