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Reluctant Press Book Cover
Five stories of the life of a crossdressing model: The Club, The Gypsy's Dolls, Stowaway, Halloween Trick, and finally Thesis.
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    Lying on the bed, in a state of shock, Howard offered no resistance as Lisa untied his ankles from the bed posts and retied them tightly together.

    Judy got a perfume atomizer and liberally coated Howard with scent. Then she pulled him half off the bed, set his feet on the floor and raised him to his feet.

    The dizziness had disappeared, but now Howard was in helpless bondage. Hands tethered to his waist, and ankles bound together, he teetered unsteadily on his heels.

    "Well sweetie," said Judy. "I'll bet you didn't expect this to happen to you! You sure do look cute in that outfit. Maybe there is something after all to your wanting to be a girl."

    The doorbell rang.

    "Well I guess we'll find out soon, cause there's the rest of your surprise! Stay right there, sugar!"