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Reluctant Press Book Cover
A mysterious substance is discovered by an American professor, Adam Smith, on expedition. His routine humdrum existence is about to explode with adventure and passion he thought long gone.
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    "Come dear, take my arm," ordered Tracy. Fortunately, she observed, none of her friends had been outside to see this spectacle. Her pet would have to be carefully trained. Any suspicions that she might have had about the actual case history of this child beside her were rapidly becoming resolved. It really must have been a man once. Adam Smith, incredible. Well that wouldn't stop her in the creation of happiness. Her possessiveness was gratified by the force of "Toko's" grip on her upper arm. "Sweet'ums you'll be all right, just stay close." A proud smile played across her lips. In spite of the awkwardness of her new squeeze, she was beautiful and in time Tracy would show her how to be elegant.

    Adam's hope that he would find an opportunity to escape the "smothering" grasp of Tracy Wright was quickly dispelled. the old woman simply did not leave "him" out of her sight! Tracy had forcibly demanded that they be seated at a central table. It was obvious that Dr. Wright wanted to display her beautiful, if still somewhat rough edged, new conquest. And she succeeded all too well. An almost endless stream of "friends" made their way over to the table. Toko was introduced to each in turn. But her "lover" was careful to dominate the issuing conversations. It was clear that "Toko" was to be seen, but not heard.