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Reluctant Press Book Cover
Michael's mom needs a transplant and they don't have the money to save her life, when he is presented with a possible solution. If the boy becomes a young woman and a rich man's mistress, he will pay for her surgery. Can he do this for his mom?
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    Laying on his bed, Michael tried to make peace with himself. His hand wandered down to the bandages on his thighs. That was where they had inserted the implant of female hormones. He knew that unless the implant was removed, his body would start to change, becoming increasingly more feminine.. Michael thought about removing the bandage and then using tweezers or pliers to pull the implant out. But then there would be no money for his mom's operation.

    "No I must endure this for her sake," the troubled youth thought to himself. "Besides, the other changes are permanent anyway."

    Michael moved his hand back up his body, feeling the satin of the panties they had given him to wear in exchange for his boxers. His legs, groin, chest, arms and face were now hairless and smooth as any girls. With a shudder he remembered the procedure.

    Mrs. Cole had stayed with him even after the Doctor had ordered him to undress.

    "You just agreed to learn to live as a girl, Michael. You must transition to a new mind set, not just learn to wear the clothes and submit to the medical procedures. From now on, you will need to be modest around men, hiding your body's charms from them. Around women, you must learn to relax. In a few months you will be so girlish in appearance that modesty around women will be unnecessary and inappropriate. You may as well start learning now." Mrs. Cole advised the boy.