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Reluctant Press Book Cover
Crime in the city, especially against women, has gotten out of control and the police department decides it is time to resort to extraordinary measures. It creates a unique unit, called the 'drag patrol', made up of men who are going undercover as women to root out the problem.
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    "Lindsay, it's just that I'm having second thoughts about all this. I'm not sure we're doing the right thing," I heard Bobbi say.

    Captain Frost sounded a little bit angry. "What are you gonna do, back out on me now?" she asked. "Isn't it just a little bit too late for that?"

    "I don't know, Lindsey... I'm just worried that they'll have some kind of bad reaction to the hormones. They're obviously working on them already. I mean, Jesus, have you seen those girls lately?"

    The Captain chuckled despite her apparent annoyance with Bobbi's threatened mutiny. "Yeah, a couple of them are really stacked, aren't they? Ah, the miracle of modern chemistry!"

    "That's just it, Lindsey. It's pretty damn hard to control the dosage when I'm slipping the Premarin into their food. Anytime one of them takes a second helping, I'm worried that they're gonna overdose." There was more worry in Bobbi's voice than I had ever heard before.

    Out in the hallway, any thoughts of entering the office left my mind. Naturally I wanted to hear as much of this clandestine conversation as I could. As I stood mute outside the converted principal's office which served as Captain Frost's domain, it continued.

    "Bobbi, Bobbi, don't worry so much ok? I checked. We aren't giving them nearly enough estrogen to cause a problem. They're getting just enough to have the effect we want," Lindsay had taken on a softer tone to assuage Bobbi's fears.