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Reluctant Press Book Cover
Two stories where a hapless male is forced to become a woman... In Daddy You Just Don't Understand! - a daughter has obtained an amulet that the old woman promised would help her father understand her point of view. But how, is the question? And in Boxed-In - a young loafer is subjected to forced feminization when his mother joins an organization that believes in the superiority of women.
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    From Boxed-In...

    Besides, he was discovering that life as a girl was not nearly as terrible as it had seemed. In fact, he found himself beginning to enjoy being a girl. Things he had noticed before but never stopped to think about were now clearly revealed... boys falling all over themselves... betraying their convictions... looking foolish... all while desperately trying to impress pretty girls. If a girl was smart, she could easily control a boy. All the girl had to do was smile and appear to be exceedingly feminine and dainty.

    If he had to be a girl... which seemed inevitable, he wanted to be one of the controlling girls... not one of those submissive girls who simply gave her body to a guy.

    But that thought alone almost held him back... he still was a boy... how could he contemplate becoming a girl... the object of a boy's lust. The mere idea chilled him. Yet what choice did he have in the matter?

    Finally he told him mother he would cooperate. The tranquilization stopped, but by then the continued treatments had halted his budding masculine puberty. His body had already begun the slow metamorphosis from male to female.