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Reluctant Press Book Cover
Three stories... In Put Your Mind to It - Gerri tries a hypnosis tape without realized exactly the one he picked! In Damn Pheromone - a janitor accidentally gets locked into a biohazard isolation lab and begins to be part of an experiment. In Satisfaction Is Guaranteed - a wishing well wish to get into a public toilet more quickly is heard by the nearby Well Fairy and then, well let's just say be careful what you wish for!
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    From Satisfaction Is Guaranteed... With a wave of a wand that I had not seen, I felt a glow of blue lights form at my feet. It slowly raised up over my body. The same glow, this time pink then lowered itself back to my feet.

    "There it is done." She/He/It stated. "I offer a guarantee. If not satisfied after one week, return here and make another wish."

    With that She/He/It flipped a coin to me and disappeared.

    I caught the coin in my hand and noticed right away a change that had occurred in me. My hand was slightly smaller, but most noticeable were the long brightly painted nails. My hand went to my face. A weight on my arm proved to be a purse. I was wearing a business suit, a ladies business suit.

    "MY GOD!" I thought. "I am a woman!"

    In a state of shock I stumbled into the nearly empty Ladies room.

    With fear I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I don't know if I was more afraid it would be totally feminine, or if it would not be feminine enough.