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As a recent graduate of cooking school, Nicholas was struggling to get by working in a "greasy spoon" when an older, well dressed woman spots him and his skill and offers him a job as her personal chef. She has done her research and knows of his past history of crossdressing, which has perhaps led her to plan to have more than just his culinary skills at her disposal.

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    At first I was embarrassed when her other maid, Joleen, would bustle about on her many errands. But as time passed, I noticed she paid us no attention. "You're just part of the furniture," as she put it.

    True to her word, Madame laced me into a wasp waisted chorus-girl's corset that brought my waist down to nineteen inches. Since I am so short, this was easily accomplished, and before long, she had me in a corset of a breathtaking seventeen inches. By the end of a day or so, I had become used to such tightness and acceted it as part and parcel of my enslavement by Madame.