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Miss Pauline Spurtridge, a tall, dignified lady with a seven-inch secret beneath her skirt, leaves the comforts of Boston in 1900 to seek erotic adventures in the far West. Her plan is to lead a double life as a prim school-mistress by day, and a lady companion at an exclusive gentlemen's club by night. She finds much more than she ever imagined.

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    "Oh, Miss Spurtridge!" he said, approaching her with a mock-serious expression on his face, I am torn, deeply torn, between two aspects of myself. In my official aspect, I know it is my duty to punish you for your misconduct in daring to place yourself, as a female impersonator, before the impressionable students of Rutland Ridge High School - causing great danger to their morals and their purity of mind. You deserve a sharp spanking for your naughtiness in doing so. On the other hand, in my personal aspect I deeply desire to console you for your ill treatment at the hands of bad students, for the loss of your position as a teacher, even for any pain you may have suffered from being spanked.

    Obviously, then, sir," said Pauline, "you must spank me first, and then console me. Shall I lie across your oap for my spanking?"

    "Yes, please do!"