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Three Spectrum Stories: In Pleasant Punishment, Patrick learns the pleasure of petticoats when his maid turns the tables. In The School Robert is a runaway, but after an accident on the road, he wakes to find himself in an all girl's school. In The Third Sister, Michael's sisters love to dress him up, but it doesn't stop there.

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    From The School...

    The extra rules for me included one that said I was never ever to leave my room unless fully dressed in the school uniform, and that at all times I would war a garment called a gaffe which would contain my male equipment so it wouldn't show through my clothing. Any infractions of the rules brought punishment with the pain stick, which was a downsized cattle prod that gave a stunning electrical shock. By the same token, improvement and good behavior would give the student rewards. These rewards for the girls consisted of articles of clothing or make-up.

    When I protested that I wasn't a student, they informed me that since I had trespassed on school property, I would have to stay until they could be sure I never told anyone about what was a semi-secret private school.

    The school was funded and supported by some very well-to-do families for the daughters who at times got into trouble with the law. I would take the same classes as the girls did, which included academic courses and also everything from make-up to style classes.

    The classes in English, mathematics, history, civics, and physical education didn't bother me as I had never gotten much beyond eighth grade and could use what help it gave me. I however drew the line on the fashion and make-up classes and was notified that I was to do as instructed or suffer the punishment for refusing orders.