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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Christopher stood in-line to take charge of Venus Fashions, but his cousin-in-law, Laura, wanted to block the troubled youth, once convicted of being a peeping tom from that seeming eventuality. As a result of his past, it was easy to frame him again for the same charge and therefore threaten him with prison. There is another possibility for him, however... Become just another painted face.

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    Ms. Tennyson's effect on him was evident when he'd arrived home. Her lips had touched his cheek and he'd felt his excitement building. He was unable to understand what was happening to him. At one moment he was afraid of her. She held his life in her hands, his whole future was being dictated by the power she had over him.

    But it wasn't only the fear of the confusion her presence aroused within. Christopher was overwhelmed by her personality and beauty, she was much older, despite this she had created feelings and emotions he had never felt before. He longed for her touch, just to be in her presence. He was losing control and unsure of what to do. Instinctively he knew these feelings had to be hidden from her, in some way he knew he was being exploited. Despite her help Christopher still felt uncomfortable with the coincidences that had led to the present predicament.

    He looked at the waistline of the trousers again and knew that he'd have to wear another suspender belt. He found a black one, almost identical to the one he'd just discarded. Christopher took a few moments to examine it closely. Approximately twelve inches deep and fastened with hooks and eyes in the front. Almost a dozen curbed bones defined the waist, and six suspenders were attached by lacy web elastic.