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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Gilbert discovers that his boss is installing faulty and inferior building products in the house Gilbert was building. When he complains to the authorities, he is visited by a lovely woman, Annette, who introduces him socially to the Club New Dawn. This club is dedicated to creating powerful, successful and rich people and is using mind enhancing drugs as part of their program. He decides he too wants this and she introduces him to a new and seductive way of life as a feminine person.

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    I could feel it all happening to me. It was a combination of all of their products together. The depilatory cream on my body and face, the shampoo and conditioner on my head, the oils on my body and the drink inside of me. They worked with each other to change me from the inside out.

    I was still a man, I mean I had working male genitalia. The rest of me was fast becoming feminine. But beyond that these chemicals worked to change my mind too. Not only my thoughts, but on the way my mind worked. Annette sensed something special within me that could be an asset to her club. I doubt she knew what the chemicals would do to me. I doubt any of them knew. I had to keep it a secret for now. At least from Hillary whom I didn't know all that well.

    My consciousness had changed all at once with the drink from Hillary. I could hear her thoughts now and the thoughts of anyone else in the room I chose to listen to!

    I had to practice this at home later, but until then I had to keep my mind clear of all thought of my own. I might inadvertently send them to someone who didn't need them.