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Mags Inc Novelette Story Cover

This is the story of a young couple with few options in life. The wife, Carlotta, starts hooking just to pay the bills over her husband Angel's strong objections. Then she talks him into crossdressing and joining her for a one time session with a customer who will pay a lot of money for the experience. Of course it's not one time only.

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    "Here's your half," said Carlotta as we rode back at noon from our 'tryst' with Dan.

    "Burn it!" I said to her as the cabbie's eyes looked at me in the rear view mirror and made no attempt to disguise my voice. That was what probably drew his attention.

    "Now, now, darling," laughed Carlotta. "Don't be like that. I never got extra tips before like Dan was showering on you. I think we made fifteen hundred between the two of us for one night, and we had breakfast as well."

    "And Dan had desert," I said bitterly to her. Well he'd called it that, the way he'd taken me, while Carlotta was in the shower. No, I couldn't tell her how Danny had had me again, forcefully in his bed, while she wasn't there. I'd been shamed and humiliated enough by him through the longest night of my life while I'd' been just a toy for my wife and the new man in her life.