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The mother and aunt of two young boys, for reasons of their own, have set them on a long winding road to womanhood. If the plan goes as the women want, their sons will never know that they are anything other than normal little girls. To that end, they are administered female hormones starting at a young age and are enrolled in a school for special girls like them. What happens when such special girls reach puberty, and start to notice the opposite sex?

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    There was no stopping Louise now as various items of girl's underclothes were put on David's body. A little white vest was first, followed by matching knickers, then white ankle socks. All was ready for Aunt Louise to place the white nylon petticoat over David's head. The petticoat, made of soft nylon with adjustable shoulder straps, ballooned out in two tiered layers of frothy white net above the knee. The dressing of the yet-to-be Belinda was only beginning.

    The dress that David's eyes were on the last few days was at last taken off the wardrobe handle by his aunt. She held it temptingly before him, then placed the dress over his head, and let it fall down his body, stopping above the knee. The dress had a light blue top while from the waist a darker blue with white polka dots flared out over the knees because of the net petticoat beneath. At the waist were a red ribbon and a bow on the front. Aunt Louise was already at the back zipping the dress up.