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The continued story of Charley Howell. aka Denise, who has been living undercover as a woman for several months. He becomes torn between his/her sworn duty as an officer of the law and the powerful attractive force of feeling womanly. What happens when he begins to be seduced by a handsome man?

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    Base One's latest attraction was a gorgeous, red-haired 'actress' dancer and stripper named Natalie White, me. I was at last transferred, so to speak, from Gina's house, not to escort duty in the Hilo Club, as I'd expected, but into the very exclusive, high-class, 'female impersonator' theater, a nightclub really, called Base One. Oh yes, the 'girls' there were the pick of queens everywhere, I heard. And I became one of them, watched over, all the time, by Brad, Gerry and Chet, my dancing teachers.

    Like all the 'girls', I had to take part in two production numbers where all of us girls were dressed in the same scanty costumes. In a rip-off from the movies and Las Vegas, we all wore little white tunics, white panties, blonde wigs and silver high heels to do a Romanesque dance. That required us to strip and dance only in bra bikini panties and heels while our male partners whirled us about in a so-called pagan ritual. We had to wiggle our rounded figures and dance as if we were all showgirls.