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An exotic class trip turns into tragedy when their plane crashes into the ocean. Two survivors, Jim, the class jock, and Eddie, whom for lack of a better term we could call the class whimp, make it to a small deserted island. Unfortunately the only clothes that they can find that fit Eddie are from a girl's suitcase. Next 'vitamins' are discovered, that are actually female hormones. Thus begins their little adventure.

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    "Hey look, Mr. Dancer, I gave in and I am wearing all these girls' clothes full time now just to please you but I AM NOT putting on any dumb makeup and that's final. I may not be big and tough and rugged like you but I'm still a boy, and I have no choice in the clothing that I'm being forced to wear because of the circumstances we find ourselves in," Eddie said trying to sound firm on the matter.

    "Don't you raise your voice at me, little lady or I'll turn your little pantied ass over my knee and give you a spanking you won't soon forget. Anyway, who in the hell do you think is going to see you? It's just the two of us in our own little world here, honey. I am the boss and master of this clan and starting tomorrow I want you to start trying to put some makeup on. I know it will take some time and practice but time is the one damned thing we've got plenty of out here. It will be fun and you'll look and feel better in time. So get this? No makeup, no home. You got it?" Jim ordered.

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    Stranded on an island ... one will be the man, the other the woman!

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    Great story about two kids being stranded on a remote island. They have to adapt to survive. The weaker of the two adapts to take on the more submissive female role. Interesting story showing how two people can fall in love as they fight to survive nature.