Mags Inc
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Mags Inc Novelette Story Cover
After ducking into a random Vegas casino bar, 3 vacationing men who are on the way to the coast, find themselves in the middle of a 'new woman' convention. Not exactly sure how to react, they are offered money to dance with the 'girls'. Lives are changed and love is discovered.
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    "Am I your girl?" she asked in a whisper as we edged our way past the card tables towards the blackjack tables.

    "You could be," I said, amazed again that such a feminine sparkling creature could be anything but female.

    I smiled down at Terry, she smiling back so sweetly, in such a girlie fashion, at me. She hung tightly on to my arm, just as any girl would have. She did look so like a woman. It wasn't just me. So I'd been fooled. I shouldn't be thinking anything was wrong with me just because I was attracted to 'her'. Heck, she looked exactly like a very beautiful girl. I would really have had to be very queer not to be attracted to her.