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Mags Inc Novelette Story Cover
Ms Talons fertile imagination brings us this extremely sexy tale of domination, crossdressing and ponygirl transformation.
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    "Anyway I began to watch you when you thought you were unobserved and the more I saw, the more I was intrigued. The afternoon you and William were sitting, bare chested with your tiny swimsuits and bare footed, by the pool with a naked Beth Sprawled on her blanket where you could see every movement, I was struck by your smooth, feminine musculature and and skin.

    "I thought you were quite beautiful and later, I spoke with Beth about it and she showed me your year book.

    "So, I started watching you for any indication of femininity, and I found that when you were dressed you were some taller than when you were bare foot and I thought you had to have some sort of blocks in your boots to raise you..."

    "Lifts Vikki. They're called lifts, and yes, the add a good four inches to y height. And yes, I do walk on my tippy toes, but after doing to for so many years, I never think about it anymore."

    "I knew it! I saw how carefully you would sit, feet and knees together while you slide into your seat, just like most women do! And when you stand, you rise gracefully, fluidly, back straight, just like a woman wearing a tight corset. Then, when you walk, your hips sway enticingly, your butt swiveling and jouncing like Jello! Oh, Master, my pussy snaps to attention and ti gushes like Old Faithful and my panties are soaked in seconds! I just cannot tear my eyes away from you pretty feminine ass."