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Reluctant Press Cover Image

Was it forced, by his mom, perhaps his best friend, or just his own inclination that led Gabe to dressing like a girl?

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    All of a sudden, Jimmy and Gabe caught sight of her standing there. both boys jumped to their feet. Jimmy half killed himself trying to get his pants pulled back on. Gabe started crying like a baby and couldn't think of anything to say. When he tried, no words came out of his cum-stained mouth. Tears ran down his face seeing the disappointment in his Mother's eyes.

    "You'd better go home, young man. I will be calling your parents later, you can count ou that for sure. Now go!" she said, pointing at the door.

    Jimmy ran as fast as his legs would move; he bolted through the door out across the lawn and through the woods and never stopped running until he was home. Gabe just sat there feeling foolish half-dressed in his skirt and T-top with his makeup smeared and globs of Jimmy's cum all over his face and hair. He just started crying and couldn't stop. His mind raced as he tried to come up with some way to explain his actions.

    "So my little Gabriella wants to be my little girl now? Well, I think that we can arrange that Honey, if that's what you really want. I think that I'd like having a daughter," Sue said.