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Mags Inc Novelette Story Cover
Ms Gemini brings us another of her intriguing forced feminization stories, at which she so excels. A neighbor girl realizes that there is fun to be had as she turns Paul into his Mother�s daughter.
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    "Oh stop it Paulie. You love wearing panties for me... now don't you? And don't you dare embarrass me in front of my favorite lingerie salesgirl." And what was I to say, but, "Yes dear, I love making you happy."

    And Monique interrupted with, "And what dear?" So what else could I say but, "And I do like wearing your panties for you." And I turned beet red.

    Monique told me, "Yes, and I think you love wearing panties for yourself. And Marcy I hope can help fit you. You should have enough pairs for the week and panties that fit you well. No more of those horrid jockey shorts for you. I think you enjoy your panties enough so that if we get you some that really suit you, then you can wear panties all the time. And wouldn't that be nice for you? And we both know you are much better behaved since you've been wearing panties. They bring your feminine side and your feminine temperament. And you don't look at other girls. And there are some fringe benefits for you. But I don't think we need to discuss that right now... do we?"