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The story begins with what is basically a rape. Nicole is out on a date with a guy from her college and on the drive home, he forces himself on her. She knows another woman who has been through this with him and goes to her to share her feelings. Interestingly enough, she is gay. Thus begins Nicole’s journey of self-discovery.

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    ... Geraldine whispered to her. "Does it excite you to dance with a girl?" She let her hand drop on Nicole's shoulder, fingers pressing to turn the younger girl toward her.

    Nicole's voice was hoarse with a growing feeling. "Yes, several times. I like the way you hold me." She responded to Geraldine's insistent pull and slid on the seat a little closer. The sat belt stopped her but she wasn't annoyed.

    "We seem to fit together, hand in glove, like." She next touched Nicole's lips with her finger and pressed. When Nicole parted enough to kiss the exploring finger tip, Geraldine embraced her.