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Michael Barack, a parole officer, just accepted a transfer to another office, not really understanding what he was going to face. His new boss, advising him to go back to where he came from, explained that the area was home to one of the most notorious women’s prisons around and that the whole town was run by women. Oh there are men around, but they have all been turned into sissies. It doesn’t take long for the stubborn Michael to understand what she has warned him about.

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    She stared at me for a few seconds - then burst out laughing! "You're not a man, silly You're a pretty little sissy wearing pretty little baby doll pajamas. Stay here with me long enough? I might teach you how to be a lesbian sissy - but tonight? You even think of putting a move on me? I'll put you over my knees and give you a damn good spanking. Now, get your ass into bed Michelle!"

    Her words may have sounded cruel, but they were said with amused mockery combined with a little real affection. Almost like one girl telling her girlfriend to shape up. I blushed and though most of the blood rushing to my face was cause by shame, I have to admit that some was caused by the feeling that I'l said something stupid and was being chided for it. quickly to cover my discomfiture, I slipped in between the sheets. Watched as she slipped into a long nightgown, put out the light and joined me in the bed, letting out a satisfied yawn, ehn turning her back and sliding toward me, fitting herself in my body in a spooning position