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Sam Collins, one of the youngest employees of AZ Finance has been wildly successful as one of their stockbrokers. While on a much needed vacation from the pressures of work, he tries female impersonation and is more than successful, much to his surprise. When he returns to work, he finds himself laid off. He finds a way to get some revenge, but it requires him to revisit his feminine personal. This story is continued in The Prisoner that Disappeared.

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    Now it was time for the dress. Mona took out a red knee-length dress with a tight waist, full skirt, elbow length sleeves and a v-shaped front that showed off Sam's new breasts to their full advantage. She hung a necklace around his neck, clip-on earrings in his ears, a bracelet on his right wrist, a female watch on his left and a few rings o his fingers. Only one thing was left now, and that was the wig. Sam was told to sit down again facing away from the mirror. Mona took out a blonde shoulder length wig and place it on Sam's head. She combed it out and took a look at Sam. Everything was perfect. He was as pretty as she thought he would be. She looked at Alice and said, "Do you approve? Do you like your new girlfriend? Is she up to your expectations?"