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Phillip was an only child and his mom a widow. He was good friends with a neighbor, Debbie, with whom he eventually fell in love. Surrounded by so many women, situations might come up, like participating in sewing, for instance. Although not really a feminine boy, he wasn’t afraid to participate in what is normally considered feminine tasks. It was inevitable that it wouldn’t stop there.

(This author is actually Bea writing under an alias, link to other Bea stories below)

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    Shades of my Mother catching me! The door to Debbie's room opens and Janice is ushered in by Mrs. Williams - to find me sitting on the edge of Debbie's bed, my face respondent in full makeup, debbie standing over me, a lipstick tube in her hand.

    "Oh hi Jan!" Debbie smiled a greeting at Janice. "I got so engrossed in doing this that I forgot you were coming over. Hod on a minute. I just want to finish putting Philip's lipstick on!" Then she gives me a playful cuff on the back of the head. "What's the matter with you . Cat got your tongue? Aren't you going to say hi to Janice?"