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The final chapter in the Daughter-in-Law series. Is there a happy ending in store for our heroine?

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    As promised, Mrs. Hanover helped with my return to being a man ond once back to my natural or almost natural state, my girl self left the company and my boy self was given that job. I was presented as my own twin brother and no one was the least bit suspicious, or if they were, they said nothing. In any case either as a girl or a boy most of the staff were far happier with me than they had been with Robin. I "instantly" fell in love with Mary and we were soon married, destined to raise a family.

    My transformation back to a guy was not an easy one and would have been impossible without Marge's help, her financial assistance, and a stay at her clinic. This earned her my eteranal gratitude and my commitment to continue my crossdressing to please her.