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Mags Inc Novelette Story Cover
Hamilton Barnes, working undercover as the exotic dancer Tiffany Scott, pursues his investigation into the criminal world. Now sporting his own breasts, he lives as Carolyn when not on the job. However both sides of his life are leading him into personal realms that the once garden variety crossdresser never expected. More sex and danger in this, Part 2 of Blending In.
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    I didn't have to think and feel that I was a girl, a real girl, when I became Tiffany, Leanne or Carolyn, when I was at the Mill Works. Perhaps it was because I was so new to dressing completely as a girl. I mean, girl's clothing was so enervating when I put on pretty underwear, never mind all the things I did to my legs and hair, and my 'breasts' and 'clit', to resemble a girl.

    Being Millie, the first girl I 'blended in' as, full-time, I didn't even think about trying to be real. From the start, I was a girl to all the men, no matter what I looked like. Yes, some of the girls weren't very nice, but still... within a day, I was being chased by half a dozed boys and men who seemed to think that we girls wanted 'it' all day long, all the time.