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Terry has teased and terrorized his sister for years and finally his mom is going to put an end to it through some unusual and embarrassing punishments. Now his sister has the upper hand and things only get worse. Once the hormones kick in he starts to realize that being a girl isn't so bad, especially once the hunky boys start to notice.

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    "Hey, Terry!" yelled Pete O'Conner. "LIke we said, we don't care if you wear a ball gown, you can play with us any day. Good game Doll," Pete said and winked at him.

    On the walk home, Mom asked, "And just how did that make you feel being called names and getting sexual innuendoes all throughout the game. Be honest now Terry."

    "It didn't hurt at first but I have to admit that it really started getting to me, Mom. I don't get it, guys call each other names and say goofy stuff all the time and it doesn't mean anything or hurt anyone but somehow that was different. It seemed dirty and hurtful and very personal. It really pissed me off," he replied.

    "Honey, that was maybe two and a half hours out of one day. You have been doing that to Tami for the past 12 years, hurting her and making her feel less good about herself. I believe that you learned a valuable lesson here today that wil affect your outlook on things for some time to come. At least I hope so as this was what I wanted you to see for yourself today."

    "Does this mean that I can now get out of a dress and wear my own clothes now, Mom?" Terry asked hopefully.

    "No I'm afraid not honey..."